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Year 7

Zero Poverty

Below are photos of sugar beet farmers trying to sell their goods, for a profit!

We have been learning about Sustainable Development Goal 9 - 'Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure'  Thank you Dr. Doherty!!

In Year 7 we have been introduced to the Sustainable Development Goals and have created posters relating to each one. 


One very topical issue is that of 'Reducing Plastics".  On our first day we made a mini landfill site in the school grounds and placed various materials in the hole.  We predicted what would decay and how quickly.  Every so often we have  a sneaky peek!

We re-used plastic bags to make notebook covers and abstract art pictures - great fun!  We have been encouraged to reuse our plastic bottles.


In our club we complete various challenges.  So far we have completed:

The Squashed Tomato Challenge

Beat the Flood

The Floating Garden Challenge

We hope to complete Pumpkins Against Poverty and investigate Fair Trade.

We had fun exploring the Sustainable Development Goals!