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Year 7


P7 had fun measuring capacity by timing how long it took for flame to go out!

The best way to learn about Victorian toys is by playing with them!

Making 3D shapes.

P7 enjoyed a visit from Mrs Doherty who told the class about Carbon emissions and the effect they have on the world.

Tasting food from Northern Ireland

Using protractors to measure objects in our classroom.

Forest school grounds survey

Congratulations on winning these medals for gymnastics. The class is very proud of you

During Maths Week, we played Countdown Numbers using magimixers to choose our numbers

We walked round the village so that we could create our own maps of the area.

We combined learning of 2D and 3D shapes with observational drawing and shading in art.

In PE we have been doing gymnastics.

As part of The World's Largest Lesson, we used the global goals to draw posters of what we would like the world to be in 2030.

Our Dot Art.

We designed a play park with a budget of £5000.

We love using the computers in our ICT suite.