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World Around Us

After completing our materials investigation, we built and tested Viking longships. Mr Barker was a little worried about the cargo - his watch!

We took part in the Road to RIAT STEM Day Challenge. We had a "blast" learning about and designing rockets.

Making our Viking Shields!








Taking our Learning Carousel Outside!

Building and Learning about Shelters and Housing around the World

Map Making during Shared Education

Testing our Hypotheses About the Effect of Exercise on our Pulse Rate

Our Don't Mow, Let it Grow Campaign!

Planting Crab-Apple Saplings

Investigating our new Bug Hotel - 5 Star!

Wildlife Survey Assessing the Starting Pollinator-Friendliness of our Meadow

Here's a "Before" picture of our Decomposition Experiment - trust us, you don't want to see the "After" pictures!





Reuben brought in some animal skulls to show the class

Learning how quick germs can spread as part of our Human Body topic

Testing "urine" for diabetes as part of our Human Body topic

Learning about organs in the Human Body

Measuring out the length of a Viking longsip on the playground

Can you spot any animals in this photograph?

Learning about the Layers of the Rainforest

Demonstrating how different birds have adapted to live in their different habitats.