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Pattern Day was lots of fun! We:

  • dressed up in patterned clothing;
  • matched patterns;
  • sorted items according to their pattern;
  • created repeating pattern artwork and with toys;
  • played the dancing sock game.


It was a very busy morning!

During Anti-Bullying week our focus was 'kindness' and 'working together'. At nursery we are all friends and we enjoy playing together and helping each other when we find things tricky!

Thank you to all those that could make our coffee morning. We look forward to the next one in December.

We loved singing and dancing with Jo Jingles!

Odd Sock Day!

We enjoyed wearing odd socks to nursery and we even designed our own odd socks! We read a story about showing kindness and talked about how we are all unique and we enjoy doing different things.


When designing our socks we were:

-naming colours;

-developing fine motor skills by peeling stickers;

-developing a pencil grasp;

-identifying circles and exploring smaller/larger;

-developing langauge skills;

-improving our attention and listening skills.


We have been developing our language skills by sharing about our experiences of seeing and hearing fireworks. We discussed the colours, shapes and sounds they make.

We had a lot of fun creating our own firework pictures!

Building a Hedgehog House

We have been learning about nocturnal animals and different habitats. We built two hedgehog houses to encourage hedgehogs to our garden.


This was a wonderful activity that:

-helped us work together as a team and take turns;

-developed our language skills;

-improved our gross and fine motor skills;

-helped us learn about hedgehogs and where they like to live;

-encouraged our use of descriptive language;

-needed us to follow pictorial instructions.