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We have starting to plan this topic. We would like to learn about life in an African village and to learn more about safari animals.  

After reading the book 'Kakadu Jack' we tasted some tropical fruit, chose our favourite and created a class pictograph of our results.

After viewing a PowerPoint and reading books we compared life in Ballinderry and life in rural Kenya.

We are creating clay thumb pots!

A Visit from Beth

Beth has been to Kenya and we were very excited to welcome her to our class. She told us about her trip, we asked her lots of questions and we sang our 'Jambo Bwana' song. We LOVED her visit.

We explored African Art

Home -made Toys

Many children in poor parts of Africa make their own toys. We raided our junk art box and had lots of fun making toys. We even made a football by re-using plastic bags.

Water Aid

We watched a clip about how difficult it is for people who do not have access to clean water and do not have access to toilets. Water Aid provide pumps and toilets in villages. Mama and Pap Panya then led the class on our own 'water walk'. After 'hours' of walking there was no water at the first or second well. We only found water at the third well and it was dirty!  We considered how hard it must be to have to walk in search of water and how fortunate we are in our country..

Exploring Sound

We sorted items for things that do or do not make a sound. We had fun making our own musical instruments from junk art materials.

African Dance

We had lots of laughs and fun trying the African 'Clock Dance'.  You can see the concentration our faces!