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Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to the Nursery page! Here you will be able to see what we have been up to.
It has been a fantastic morning! We have loved having the children back and it was wonderful to see how excited they were! We had a busy morning playing and chatting with our friends.

I hope all of the boys and girls are excited about returning to nursery. Mrs McConnell and I can't wait! 

Please note that this week there will be no 'well done' videos as I want to show the photos to the whole class and say a personal 'well done' to each child. I think all of the hard work needs to be celebrated! Thank you for sending me lots of photos and videos and if you have more to send please feel free.


We couldn’t wait any longer! We put up the Nursery Christmas tree. It caused so much excitement that we had to have a dance party. There were lots of funky moves on display and great singing! 

Odd Sock Day!

Celebrating how we are all unique!