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Term 1


We are learning to sort using tree, venn and carroll diagrams.

Problem Solving

For the activity below the children had to guess what criteria was needed to get on the bus.

Did the ticket have to be a certain colour or size?

2D Shape

We had great fun looking for circles, squares and rectangles in our school playground.

3D Shape

We are learning the names of 3D shapes. You can see us experimenting with rolling cylinders!


We are learning to copy and continue a pattern. We have lots of opportunities ro reinforce this during Play-based Learning.


Every day in school we do Mental Maths and most of us can count forwards past 10!  We are still learning how to write our numbers. Sometimes we use little rhymes to help:

' Start at the top and down we run, that's the way we make a 1'.

'Around and back on the railway track, 2,2,2'.

Below you can see us in role as we sang one of our favourite number rhymes - 'Five Little Speckled Frogs'.

We Love to Learn Using Maths Gamessmiley

We measured our feet using unifix blocks and then we ordered them from shortest to longest.

We are learning to count using 1p coins