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Term 1

Positional Language

We have been asking the children, ' Where is Humpty Dumpty'? They can use the correct language in response.

2D Shape

How Many Shapes Can You See?

Maths Games

We often use games to reinforce concepts taught. Here we are exploring 1 to 1 correspondence and numbers to 10.


We are learning to sort using tree, venn and carroll diagrams.


We are learning to create and write numbers. Sometimes we use rhymes to help us.

1 - Start at the top and down we run- that's the way we make a 1.

2 - Around and back on the railway track - 2,2,2.

3. Around the tree and around the tree, that's the way you make a 3!

4. Down and over, down some more, that's the way we make a 4... and so on to number 10.



We have been exploring the terms, full, half full and empty.

Maths Week 2020

We have been learning to measure, using non-standard units.

We have been investigating Area.

We are learning to measure using non-standard units.