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Investigating the properties and nets of 3D shapes

For Maths Week 2023, Team 6 enjoyed taking their mathematical skills outside, thinking about the ways maths helps us describe and understand the world around us.

We worked together, getting some hands-on practice telling analogue time.

Practical Measurement Outdoors

Year 6 have been investigating various problem-solving strategies, from using trial and improvement to working systematically using tables and logical reasoning.





Problem-Solving and Team-work Skills with IZAK9!

Mental Maths

TS&PC Focus: Working Together

We learn from each other!

Out-door Problem Solving for Maths Week

Problem Solving!




Measuring capacity

Learning about cm and m

Great to be back in the classroom again, learning together!

In class, we have been working together to try and solve the mathematical problems below. These sessions become very enthusaistic as children were driven to find a solution!

Challenge yourselves to solve these problems during Maths Week