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Who's Who


Come and meet the staff at our school:


Mrs A. Galbraith


Vice Principal

Mr M. McNeil


Mrs C. Cook (Teacher)
Mrs L. Parker (Classroom Assistant)

Year 1
Mrs M. Rosca (Teacher)

Miss H. Brown (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs T. Smyth (Classroom Assistant)

Year 2
Miss L. Bell (Teacher)
Mrs D. Nettleship-Forsythe (Classroom Assistant)

Year 3
Mrs R. Catterson (Teacher)


Year 3/4

Ms H. Honey (Teacher)

Year 4
Mrs S. Nelson (Teacher)

Mrs H. Hendron (Classroom Assistant)

Year 5
Mr G. Mehaffy (Teacher)

Mrs S. Windrum (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs R. Cupples (Classroom Assistant)

Year 5/6
Mrs R. Glover (Teacher)

Year 6

Mr J.Barker (Teacher)

Miss C. McDonnell (Classroom Assistant)


Year 7

Mrs M. Ritchie (Teacher)

Ms G Davidson (Classroom Assistant)



Year 7
Mr M. McNeil (Teacher)



Mrs E. Hayes

School Secretary

Mrs N. Grimshaw

Building Supervisor

Mr R. Keys

Catering Staff

Mrs G. Keys

Mrs W. Hull

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs D. Nettleship-Forsythe

Miss H. Brown

Mrs E. Clydesdale (Supervisory Assistant)


Mr W. McOwing