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September / October

As part of 'Maths Week', we had lots of fun taking part in an outdoor Maths Trail and discovering how Maths is all around us!

We enjoy developing our problem solving skills in Numeracy!

I Hear Thunder!

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As part of our Literacy work on poetry, we worked in groups to write new verses for the nursery rhyme 'I Hear Thunder'. We then performed our verse and added actions too!

We have been learning about tens and units

Year 3 carried out practical investigations to help them understand the water cycle. They then created their own 'water cycles wheels'.

We enjoy developing our understanding of our Weather topic through Activity Based Learning!

We learned about different weather instruments that are used to measure various types of weather. We created our own rain gauge and measured how much rain fell over a week.

We have been practising underarm throwing and rolling in PE.

We had fun exploring patterns and finding numbers on the hundred square!

Sorting letters of the alphabet into alphabetical order

Thumbs Up for Year 3!