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'Food' topic

Year 3 have had a lot of fun learning all about food in Term 3.


We have been learning about:

- The story of the banana

- Fairtrade food

- The story of the potato

- food science experiments

- foods from around the world

- how to make a sandwich

- how to make pizza

- the Eatwell plate


...and much more!

Food Science Experiments


There was much excitement when Year 3 became food scientists for an afternoon! They took part in two experiments:


Fizzy Colours: The children found out what happens when you set different colours of skittles on a plate in a circle and pour warm water on them. The shells of coloured sweets are made of sugar. When the sugar is put in warm water, it dissolves. As the colours meet, they mix, creating differnet colours!


Dancing Raisins: The children discovered what happens when you drop a raisin in still or sparking water. The raisin fill to the bottom of the glass with still water. In the glass with sparking water, the bubbles get trapped in the grooves of the raisin, helping it float back to the surface. When the bubbles pop, the raisin sinks back down!

The Eatwell Plate


Our class had the privelege of using our school's brand new outdoor classroom to learn more about the Eatwell Plate. The Eatwell Plate shows how much of what we eat overall should come from each food group to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.


'Weather' Topic



This month, the children have been learning about clouds. Clouds are made up of tiny droplets of water and Year 3 were learning about three types of clouds:


Cirrus clouds like ice crystals - thin and feathery

Cumulus clouds like cotton balls - thick and puffy

Stratus clouds stretch like a blanket - covers the sky


We made a cloud chart using cotton wool for clouds to help us remember!