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This week we have enjoyed searching for shapes and numbers in our environment. 


We have been building with a wide range of shapes.


We have enjoyed sensory play whilst searching for numbers and exploring the language of weight.


We enjoyed counting pumpkin seeds whilst working on our pincer grip to pick up the slippery seeds! 

We love spending time learning outdoors! We went for a walk around the school grounds. We identified seasonal changes, learnt about the need for hi-visibility vests, went bird watching and discussed what they eat and how they build nests and lastly we did a spot of gardening. The children loved seeing the vegetables that are growing in the school garden. It was an extremely busy morning!

We have been busy learning about how pumpkins grow. The children loved cutting a pumpkin open and enjoying sensory play. They enjoyed the smell and the texture. This quickly became a maths activity as the children absolutely love showing off their counting skills!!