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In Year 3 we focus on numbers up to 100. This term, we will be reading and writing numbers to 100, sequencing numbers, learning numbers before and after and learning to read number names. We will use the hundred square and learn about tens and units. We will practise lots of addition and subtraction and learn about 2D shapes. We will also complete lots of data handling activities including tally charts, block graphs and pictograms and we will learn about measuring length. Everyday we will play mental maths games and will focus on counting on/back, reordering and inverse operations. 


We worked with a partner to solve the Christmas problem...teamwork makes the dream work!

We used the Geoboard app to make 2D shapes

Finding objects that are longer or shorter than a meter

We are learning to measure length using non-standard units

We are starting to learn about tens and units

We are having fun using the hundred square