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November has been an incredibly busy month!


  • We have been learning about nocturnal animals and their characteristics. The children created beautiful owls for a display.
  • We enjoyed learning about different fruits and vegetables and the importance of eating 5 portions everyday.
  • We explored the concept of ‘length’ and used associated vocabulary- long/short, longer/shorter.
  • Everywhere we look we have been spotting patterns! To extend this we have been creating our own repeating patterns using toys and craft materials.


Pattern Day was lots of fun! We had a special circle time to talk about different patterns on our clothes. We then made lots of different repeating patterns and finished the day off enjoying fruit kebabs. Yummy!

At Nursery we have been busy exploring rain fall!


  • We have been finding ways of making it travel and how to make it change direction.
  • We used it in the mud kitchen and mixed it with sand, stones, seaweed, leaves and bark mulch to make delicious meals!
  • We made predictions about how many smaller pots of rain water it would take to fill a bucket.


We even found time to jump in puddles!