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Throughout the month of November we have been exploring patterns both indoors and in our environment outdoors. To celebrate this learning we had a special pattern day. The children enjoyed coming to nursery in their own clothes and showing everyone the patterns on their clothing. We also enjoyed creating artwork and creating repeating patterns with a wide range of maths resources. 

We have enjoyed the sensory experience of mark making and playing with flour, porridge oats, shaving foam and paint. We have been developing our language skills when describing textures and smells. We love to make marks on a range of surfaces and some of us can even write our names!!

At nursery we have been busy learning about different fruits and vegetables. We learnt about where they grow and have enjoyed eating lots of them too! Together we set up a shop to sell lots of different foods and enjoyed writing shopping lists. We have explored lots of books to find out which foods are really good for us and which foods we should only eat occassionally. 

Odd Socks Day!

We have been extremely busy learning outdoors!


We have been focussing on:

  • assessing risk for ourselves;
  • enjoying natural sensory experiences;
  • developing our co-operative play skills;
  • using mathematical vocabulary to describe the size of objects;
  • developing our gross motor skills;
  • improving our balancing skills;
  • communicating our ideas with each other;
  • working on counting;
  • learning how to make our bodies small enough to fit inside boxes and under objects;
  • and most of all we have been having fun with our friends!