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Throughout the year we will be learning about how to make super sentences so that our writing is interesting to read - and makes sense!


Some of the key ingredients of a super sentence include:

- Correct spelling

- Capital letters and full stops

- The correct length 


We will also be learning about the difference between words that are nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs.


  • A noun is a person, place, animal or thing. For example - boy, park, lion, can.
  • A proper noun is the name of a person or place, such as Susan or America. Proper nouns start with a capital letter.
  • A pronoun is often used to take the place of a noun. For example - He has a new dog.
  • An adjective is a describing word. For example - The blanket is cosy.
  • A verb is a doing word. For example - run, bake, talk, laugh, throw, make.


Sorting nouns, adjectives, verbs and pronouns

The Alphabet Rap


Sometimes we use songs and raps to remember what we are learning. Listen to the children say The Alphabet Rap.


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Ordering the alphabet

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