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Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the abilities required to control the large muscles of the body for walking, jumping, skipping, and more.


The development of gross motor skills started when your child was a baby and you child is continuing to develop their gross motor skills and these play a huge part in developing their fine motor skills.


Have you ever noticed that most children contort their feet or tongue in the early days of drawing with a crayon? It’s because they are learning that new skill and it emerges from a near total body involvement.


Below is a list of activities to try at home to further extend your child’s gross motor skills.

  • Build an obstacle course indoors using chairs to go under/over and pillows to jump
  • As a family enjoy races - running, hopping, jumping
  • Develop throwing skills using a range of objects - a balloon, a large/small ball, a teddy, a small hoop etc. Either play throwing and catching to each other or ask your child to aim at a mark on the fence.
  • Develop jumping skills - bending knees and landing on both feet. Can your child find 10 sticks to put on the ground and jump over each of them whilst counting? Then progress to 10 higher items such as toys. Using chalk draw cirlces on the ground so your child can jump to each one.
  • Using decoraters tape (nothing that will destroy your floor!!) mark out lines on the floor. Can your child walk along this thin line? 
  • Put down cones or stones for you child to dribble a ball around - if you have a soft ball this works well in a hallway.
  • Encourage your child to pedal a trike, bike or ride on toy.