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Book Bags

Big Bedtime Read and Education Works

Every Monday, excluding the week before a school holiday, your child will come home with a book bag. Inside this bag you will find a minimum of four books and a learning resource.


The books will support you in establishing/continiuing a consistent bedtime routine and give your child access to a wider variety of books from those that you already have at home. If you would like support with implementing a more consisitent bedtime routine please come and have a chat with us.


The learning resource will give your child the opportunity to explore a range of activities and focus their attention for a greater length of time. We ask that these toys are played with at a table or a particular spot on the floor and when your child has finished they put all the pieces back in the bag. In the past we have had to put resources in the bin because they have been returned damaged or with pieces missing. However, we do understand that accidents happen and things get broken or lost! If this happens please inform us so we can fix or replace items. We are currently seeking extra funds to enable us to purchase new resources. 


In line with Covid-19 measures, when bags are returned all items will be quarantined.