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Activity-based learning


ABL stands for Activity Based Learning. Once a week, the children will have the chance to take part in a range of practical activities to help them explore their term topics.



Year 3 enjoyed their food-themed ABL in Term 3. Activities included:


- Food safety memory card game

- Drawing food art based on the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo

- Design a healthy eating poster

- Create fruit and vegetables out of different materials

- Role play at the Ballinderry Bites cafe!

- Making amounts and calculating change at the M&S shop

- Making words from the Eatwell Plate out of letter block

- Design a menu for a restaurant



School's Cool


For our 'School's Cool' topic, ABL activities included:

- Making words about school out of letter blocks

- Designing a school brochure

- Role play at the school stationary shop

- Designing a school uniform

- Constructing a school out of junk materials

- Building a school bus out of Lego

- Designing a pencil case out of different materials

- Recording a video message as a child from schools in the past on the Chatterpix app

Weather ABL


This term's weather activity stations include:

  • Making weather sounds with percussion instruments
  • Recording a weather forecast
  • Making weather words
  • Weather Beebot
  • Building a weatherproof roof!
  • Making a pinwheel
  • Creating 2D shape weather symbols
  • Designing a weather poster on the PicCollage app